1. I Am the Man

From the recording Lighter Fluid

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You nasty cowboy, in a lawless land!
You think I’ll play dead, let you take the upper hand?
Oh no! There’s a new sheriff in town!
I’ll shoot you dead between the eyes, you understand,
I am the law, I am the man!

You think you’ve pinned me down to something you’d expect!
Right out the gate they’ve pinned target to my back!
It isn’t fair! You’re not aware!
Cause opportunities for your kind are plenty!
The only pin I’ll be wearing is my badge,
I am the law, I am the man!

Dealer’s choice, you get nothing!
We clearly ain’t been cut from the same old cloth!
My fabric is strong!
It won’t be long ’til you start tearing at the seams,
Man, you’re so full of bullshit!
See I was born into the game you understand,
Got all the cards here in my hand!
I am the judge and I decide who wins or dies,
I am the law, I am the man!

Now scram!