1. Lighter Fluid

From the recording Lighter Fluid

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You’ve got a feeling of hope to renew
Go somewhere different, challenge your worldview
Here and now

Can’t seem to find what you want, what you need?
Searching for meaning, where does it lead?
Here and now

Yeah you already know
You already know,
Already know what you are seeking

Lighter fluid
Straight on a flame
When you become a star be sure to remember your name

I feel at home wherever I go
Today is everything, you reap what you sow
We’re two as one, riding on on a roll
I’m with you yeah yeah that’s all I need to know

Yeah you already know

I got a feeling of hope to renew
Feel like a fire I ain’t tending to
I already know, already know what I am seeking

Lighter fluid
Watch it burn
You can’t win every time and when you don’t, you learn

I feel at home wherever I go
Yeah you already know