From the recording Traitement Deuxluxe

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(Music & Lyrics by Les Deuxluxes)

Anna Frances Meyer: Vocals, Tenor Guitar
Etienne Barry: Vocals, Guitar, Organ
Alix Trigger: Drums
Francis Duchesne: Bass


Got a one time offer you can’t refuse
You might drop dead when you hear this news
Many will enter and all will win
You won’t think twice before cashing it in

Offers like this don’t come every day
The rules are simple anyone can play
Step right up and scream “Amen!”
‘Cause an offer like this will never come again

Better hang on tight for your “Traitement Deuxluxe” tonight!

Traitement Deuxluxe you can’t buy in store
Two for one deal never seen before
Price so sweet you won’t believe your eyes.
When you come to claim this amazing prize.

Call right now and we’ll throw in more
You’ll think heaven’s come a-knockin’ upon your door
Prize so big it’ll blow your mind!
Traitement Deuxluxe is one of a kind

Better hang on tight for your “Traitement Deuxluxe” tonight!