1. Bloody Queen

From the recording Springtime Devil

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Say your prayer and let me go
Leave behind the people I know
Voice no more, my words you’ll be
Said your prayer and then you buried me

If God is love, then love is me
I died only by heaven’s decree
Hand that saves and hand that feeds
In the dark, I’m left to bleed

Down I’ll go where the fallen are
Sweet dreams, ashes in the fire
Smoke snuffed out that heavenly gleam
I’ll take my throne as the Bloody Queen

Bloody Queen is draped in red
Subjects fear until she’s fed
Came to take my soul, she said
God save the queen, the queen is dead

Oh, Bloody Queen, oh woe is me
You killed God when you buried me
Bloody Queen, oh can’t you see
That you killed God when you buried me