1. My Babe & Me

From the recording Springtime Devil

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My babe and me, we reap the riches from the seeds we sow
And that’s a fact that, ooh, I bet you’d like to know
The who, the how, the when, the why, the where, the what’s for show
It’s all a mystery and, ooh, we like to keep it so

Stop telling me the things I already know
You say there’s something wrong with me
I say there’s something wrong for sure
A little rough, a little tough, ooh baby, in the name of love
That’s bound to happen when you’re out for blood

My babe and me, we live to eat the riches of the night
And that’s a fact, ooh, you know they’re just ripe
The sleazy way’s an easy play but, babe, it’s how you win
The game is rigged for us, to lose it – in the end it’s all the same